Postal Customer Council Membership

Membership in postal customer councils gives postal customers regular access to postal managers at the local level. PCC members also meet other mailers with similar mailing requirements. They learn how the Postal Service can meet their needs and solve their mailing problems.

Additionally, the PCC provides an avenue for exchanging ideas and suggestions on new product or service applications. Many money-saving ideas have resulted from PCC membership through customer networking and interaction at organized meetings and seminars.

PCC members also benefit from the resources and support provided by local postal managers and area mailers. Both can provide staff and equipment to assist councils in developing innovative programs using state-of-the-art technology.

Finally, a mutual understanding among mailers from other councils often results from PCC membership. Many PCC members have formed close bonds of cooperation after meeting one another at these gatherings. Some members communicate regularly to obtain answers to questions and to provide insight into various ways of handling postal processing and delivery issues.

PCC members have also helped each other by sharing equipment and knowledge at critical mailing times. Some PCC's have even established a Postal Improvement Committee to provide advice and counsel to their members for improving their mail center operations.

Twin Cities PCC Levels of Membership

Being a member of the PCC provides many opportunities to attend industry events, share ideas, and discuss postal matters with USPS staff and others in the mailing industry. Your PCC membership will bring value to your organization by keeping you informed about postal issues and changes and knowing how to keep your postage costs down. You will learn how to incorporate greater efficiencies into your operations, you will build invaluable relationships with postal staff, and you will build professional contacts through networking. And the best part is that PCC membership is free!

There are four levels of PCC membership.  Levels of membership are achieved based on how many PCC events a member participates in during one calendar year, January through December.



  • You have a membership card
  • You have a membership card
  • You can attend 2 events.




  • You have a membership card
  • You have a membership card
  • You can attend 3 events
  • You can attend 4 or more events
  • You are rewarded with a framed Silver Membership Certificate, signed by the Minneapolis and St. Paul Postmasters and the industry chair of the PCC at the PCC annual membership meeting
  • You are rewarded with a framed Gold Membership Certificate signed by the Minneapolis and St. Paul Postmasters and the Industry Chair of the PCC at the PCC annual membership meeting.
  • You are given personalized recognition by the entire PCC Executive Board and the USPS Northland District Manager.

Remember, the more PCC events you attend, the more valuable you become to your organization and the mailing industry as a whole.  So maximize your free PCC membership by going for the Gold! Being a Gold Member is a great way to show your commitment to the industry and your organization by advancing your mailing knowledge and expertise.

The PCC is a powerful resource that is ready to help businesses increase sales, expand their customer base, and create effective and improved mailings.